One More Church

We love to plant churches, and see struggling churches revitalized. 2018 Ken is currently serving as Ministry Advisor & Consultant at One More Church.

One More Church is a Christian Non-Profit Ministry which exists to glorify God by means of providing assistance and consulting to pastors and churches who are struggling to exist.  It breaks our hearts to see that due to cultural changes, and a pandemic, thousands of churches and pastors are on the edge of dissolving or quitting their ministries.

In 2022, we started out exploring the possibility of re-planting a church in the Lebanon, Indiana area.  As we worked on that project, holding Bible Studies and Open Houses in Lebanon, we also were asked to work alongside several other churches across Indiana and Kentucky – aiding and encouraging and advising as they had need.  To date we have spent time with six different churches and fifteen pastors of ministry leaders.      See our blog for all the updates.

You are invited to read our blog as we pass along updates on the churches we feel privileged to work with – churches which learn to trust God for each challenge, and celebrate in joy each step of growth.  We hope to give you an armchair view of the exciting adventure of starting or revitalizing the most amazing miracle to be found anywhere in the world…a church.  Each time we meet a new church, we can hardly wait to see what the Lord has in store!!!  – Ken and Kathleen Dalton, grateful bondservants of Jesus Christ

5 thoughts on “One More Church

  1. Our prayer is that God will use you both in a mighty way as you help “One More Church” to come to life again for Christ or plant a church in an area where it is desperately needed. We love you 💕


  2. May you both prosper on your new journey, Thank you for all the support you both have given me the past sever months. May the good Lord be forever at your side.


  3. Looking forward to keeping up with you, last time we saw each other was in 1971 or 72 in Tucson, but spent 1-1/2 years in Oswego with you when we were all young and where I came to know the Lord. Thanks for your friendship in those days it helped launch us.


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