Real-Life Stories

Below you will see some real-life stories of people who have tried to fulfill their calling to be “fishers of men”…risking reputations, jobs, family acceptance, even safety…for the privilege of sharing Good News  of Jesus with the people in their lives.  

An older man can’t drive to church anymore, but he did start a Bible study in the nearby park, and taught a friend to prep and lead the study, too.  Every Friday as he teaches, people who are just walking by stop and listen. He says: “It is amazing, but even now there is an appetite out there for the Lord.”  

A waitress hosted a breakfast at her apartment for her co-workers.  She told them her pastor was going to be there, too, and they could freely ask any questions they may have about God  They came and asked many questions.  

I have known so many Public School Teachers who quietly pray for all their students. They pray that the students who genuinely believe in Jesus will recognize open doors to share their faith  They realize with a great sense of responsibility that they may be the only one praying for some of their students.

A retired Pastor teaches a Bible study at his local Senior Center. The Senior Center is glad to be able to have a Bible Study as part of their service to the community.

A young single career woman offered rooms in her home to a friend in need.  She lived the Gospel in front of her friend day by day.  They spoke often together of Christ.  They prayed together before meals.  Her friend came to believe that Jesus is God, and gratefully gave her life to Him.

As a second career, one woman opened up a business..a Scrapbook store – where people linger and talk – and sometimes scrapbook in order to recover from serious loss – and they want to talk about it to someone. She had many, many chances to recommend Jesus, who can meet all needs.

A young newspaper writer had lunch every week with a co-worker – and began to present the claims of Christ to someone who otherwise would never even have considered them.  That co-worker came to know Christ as Savior and today teaches Bible classes himself.

Others have not had the words to speak eloquently of Christ…they have simply told someone about the church they go to…and offered to meet them there. 

A Child-care giver talked about the Lord with the parents of the kids she provided child-care for.  She was able to talk along the way to their parents about the things she was learning from Jesus, her Lord.

A young mom started a Bible Study in her home with old friends from High School.  They talked about common memories and new common interests – and talked about the difference a relationship to Jesus has made since High School.

Living in a neighborhood with a few elderly residents, a woman offers to help an elderly neighbor with cooking or finances or trips to the doctor.  Every day conversations become a natural time to talk together about the peace anyone of any age can have knowing they are going to see Jesus when they die.

A worker gets into conversations with co-workers about how to have a relationship to God…and the fact that most people don’t have any idea that God wants to have a relationship with them.  At that point it’s a great time to look at Psalm 139 – an awesome Psalm about the intimate knowledge our God has of each one of us.

A young college student had a roommate who didn’t  know the Lord, but she didn’t  know how to begin a conversation.  They arranged a discussion get-together with other people in the same boat, telling them to invite their roommates, and let people know they would be discussing how to have a relationship to God.  It worked.  People came.  It gave many of them courage to pursue those conversations over the weeks and months to come.

A Pastor’s wife invites other women to lunch – and makes it a point to ask hard questions – like: “Do you know for sure you are going to heaven when you die?”  or…”Would it be OK if I tell you my story of how I came to believe in Jesus?” Does it seem like it would be hard to get those questions out?  It is.  But as soon as we do, we get the chance to have a conversation that may never be forgotten.

A neighbor brings food and prays with other neighbors when illness, tragedy, or unexpected news strikes.

A cancer doctor offers to pray with her patients in the office, and in the hospital. And when she prays, she boldly prays in the name of Jesus.

An older woman had a stroke.  She went through therapy, and then moved temporarily to her daughter’s home and there she was a living witness to people even when she was at her weakest.

A man faithfully visited his Mom in the nursing home, making friends with the other people there, too.  He continued to visit those new friends long after his Mom was home with Jesus.

Restaurant owners we knew started a lending library for their employees.  They stocked it with great books about the Bible and about the Lord, and with tapes from the Sunday sermons at church.  The library was well-used.

A friend of mine got a job sitting with patients at a hospital.  Many patients have no family or friend to sit with them during long hospital stays. She sometimes reads the paper to them, sometimes a good book, sometimes she prays silently for them while sitting quietly in the hospital room, and sometimes she brings along a Bible and asks patients if they would like her to read aloud..

A Jewish believer in Jesus lovingly invited his Jewish family to attend his Jewish/Christian wedding – to give them the unparalleled opportunity to see the fulfillment of the Jewish Messiah in the person of Jesus.

An architect took a Mission trip and as he washed the feet of young Nicaraguans, he spoke of his own heartache over not having a chance yet to pass on the good news of Jesus to his own children.    

We have a story to tell. What are we doing with it?