Who We Are

One More Church is a Christian Non-Profit Ministry which exists to glorify God by means of providing assistance and consulting to pastors and churches who are struggling to exist.  Due to cultural changes and a pandemic, thousands of churches and pastors are on the edge of dissolving or quitting their ministries.  

Assistance and consulting includes developing church organizational and growth strategies, mentoring church leaders, training, developing church vision statements,  church and church leaders’ assessments, and providing  equipping tools for church ministries. 

One More Church seeks to define its mission, focus and  activities by referring to:

A Two Fold Focus

1. A focus on local church Revitalizations and church Restarts.

2. A focus on Assisting and Encouraging Pastors.

The Initiative and Launch of “One More Church”:  On February 27, 2022, Village Bible Church, Inc. located at 695 E. Pushville Road, Greenwood, Indiana, 46143, held a Commissioning Service to send their  founding pastor, Pastor Ken H. Dalton, out in order to launch and  lead the One More Church Non-Profit Ministry.  

Pastor Dalton had planted the Village Bible Church nine years earlier.  The Church and Reverend Dalton agreed unanimously to hand the Senior Pastor position at Village Bible Church over  to a new pastor, Pastor Travis Burkett, who would be able to provide ongoing leadership for the church for many future  years. 

Prior to Village Bible Church, Pastor Dalton had planted six other churches and at the same time trained and mentored many young pastors, and served in consulting with other new church plants. 

The Barna Church Research Group gives us the following current statistics:

  1. Currently 38% of pastors in our country are considering leaving full-time ministry.  This number is up 9% since the beginning of 2021.

2. Over 1,700 pastors in America left the ministry every month last year. 

3. Over 3,500 individuals left churches in America every day last year.

4. Over 4,500 churches in America closed last year. 

In the pursuit of improving some of these current dismal church and pastoral statistics, Pastor Dalton, as an employee of One More Church, is focusing on the following activities and others as needs arise:

  • Reach out to pastors and churches who are requesting help.
  • Provide one-on-one mentoring for pastors, both in person and also through training materials.
  • Provide assistance with church leadership boards and committees.
  • As needed, provide strategy, organizational and outreach help with comprehensive, written reports. 
  • Consult with both pastors and churches in the area of leadership recruiting. 
  • As the One More Church Ministry Responsibilities and Opportunities grow, develop ways to recruit and train volunteer help and additional  paid consulting staff. 
  • Oversee research needs as needed for pastors or specific local churches. 
  • Assist Churches that require a “restart” with required organizational exhibits and filings. 
  • Meet regularly with the One More Church Board of Directors for accountability, decision making , and vision. 

One More Church’s income derives solely from contributions from individuals, foundations, trust accounts and churches.  Tax-deductible Donations can be sent to: One More Church, 955 Monteray Rd., Greenwood, Indiana, 46143.

OMC Board of Directors:   Rob Greene, Dr. Russ Rasmussen, Gary Weaver, Ken Dalton, Dr. Rod Robinson, Steve Dalton, Andy Dalton

Great Open House Weekend for NorthWest Bible Church in Lebanon, Indiana!

Churches can start in lots of different ways…in lots of different places. In the past, we’ve started churches in schools, homes, union halls, little theaters, cafeterias, houses in the middle of orchards, and funeral homes!

This weekend, for NorthWest Bible Church in Lebanon, Indiana, we had a weekend of Open Houses to get things rolling. We wanted to give people a chance to come, enjoy a cup of coffee, and have a simple and unhurried chance to hear our vision for the new church, and to ask any and all questions.

Our first Open House was Friday night, March 18th, at the Witham YMCA, We knew it was going to be a small, intimate group, so instead of choosing to meet in the larger gymnasium, we chose the nursery! There were kids toys, play equipment, and little tables and chairs. You’d think that might be awkward, but it was actually a very friendly and laid-back and colorful environment! Lots of great discussion.

Our second Open House was today, We rented the Lebanon Senior Services Club, and invited people to come for an evening meeting, or anytime during the day, again for casual and relaxed discussions and questions. We got here about 9:30 this morning, and it’s been non-stop ever since. As I’m writing this, we are close to the start of our evening meeting, and are just so happy with the 18-20 people we have been able to connect with so far this weekend!

I know you may get tired of us saying this…but this truly is so much fun!!!! Coffee and cookies, anyone?


NorthWest Bible Church is Ready to Get Underway in Lebanon!

A New Church in Lebanon, Indiana

Two Initial Open Houses for the new NorthWest Bible Church are coming up:

  •  Friday, March 18th from 6-8pm at the Witham YMCA.  Just say you are there for the Open House when you arrive, and they will let you know what room we are using. 
  • Or…. Sunday, March 20th from 6-8pm we have arranged to use a meeting room at the Lebanon Senior Citizen’s Club, 707 S. Lebanon St., You can enter on the south side of the building. 

Also, we are planning a couple of mid-week Bible Studies to begin in April:

  • Beginning April 6th, on Wednesday afternoons at 1pm, Kathleen Dalton will be leading an 8-week Women’s Bible Study studying the book of Mark.  It will be held at the Senior Citizen’s Club on Lebanon Street. 
  • Pastor Ken Dalton will be leading the other 8-week study, for singles and couples, a verse-by-verse Bible study in the Book of Revelation, held at the Senior Citizen’s Club on Lebanon Street, from 7-9pm, Wednesday evenings, beginning April 6th.  

If you, or anyone you know, has an interest in attending either one of these, let me know, and I’ll get information to you.

We’d love to meet you anytime!

Pastor Ken Dalton



Village Bible Church One-Year Anniversary – July 14th

Ken and I are so amazed that a year has passed since the start of our church – Village Bible Church.   We love this little church plant – full of committed, loving people who want to reach out into the Johnson County community with the story of Jesus.  May there be many more church plants in this area in the next few years!

Village Bible has their Volunteer Meeting to Plan Launch Service

Village Bible’s Volunteer Meeting last night – to hand out jobs for their first Sunday morning Worship Service on July 15th.  Everyone got a job for the first 6 months….new church plants are so much fun because everyone is willing to take a chance at doing something they’ve never done before!

Thoughts from Ken: Run!

Recently when I was reading Haggai 2: 11-13 I was reminded of the importance of running away from evil. Haggai asked the priests two questions:

(1) If that which is holy touches that which is unholy, will it make the unholy holy “? The answer is no.

(2) If that which is unclean (unholy) touches that which is clean (holy), will the unclean make it unclean (unholy)? The answer is yes, that is what it will do.

Clean cannot change unclean.  But unclean can change clean.

It is a shame that often Godly, well meaning people, catch the disease of sin because somehow they think that their example and presence of righteousness will somehow rub off.  It doesn’t work that way.  We can catch sin. We do not catch righteousness.

Righteousness comes from responding in faith to the hearing of truth.

Often we should re-read Haggai 2: 11-13.  Do it today !

From Kathleen: Heaven Bible Study

I taught a Bible study on Heaven  – in January of 2012.  Someone asked me if I would make it available online – so I’ve uploaded the mp3 files to this website – it was just 4 weeks long, but our little group had a really great time talking about Heaven – as we attempted to ask and answer a few questions about our real home.  For many of us, it was a sweet time of remembering our loved ones who had already gone to Heaven – and realizing how fantastic their lives are right now as they live and walk with Jesus every day.

Here are the 4 weeks of the study  – just click on the play button to listen.

Week #1   

Week #2  

Week #3 

Week #4 

Thoughts From Ken: How to be Free

Over the years I have met a large number of wonderful Christians who appear to understand that their eternal salvation is not based upon their good works or obedience, but upon their faith in the gift of salvation paid for by Jesus Christ.  However, I have also seen that many of these same people who have been saved by faith, are trying to live each day of the Christian life by their own obedience and good works.  They continue to live in bondage.

I am so anxious to walk through the Book of Galatians on Sunday mornings – to be together reminded that the Gospel ( good news) message of salvation by grace through faith is not just to get us to heaven….but is the message we need to remember every day in order to live our Christian lives.

If you are struggling and feeling defeated at the end of each day, you will be encouraged as we begin our study in the Book of Galatians on Sunday, July 15th…..”How To Be Free”.


Thoughts From Ken: High View of God

Recently Kathleen and I have had the opportunity to visit a lot of wonderful churches.  It has been so much fun to experience the different church personalities.  One thing that has stood out to me is that the churches which present a very “high view of God” send me away with a lot of peace and security.

It seems almost ironic that the more focus we place on “how God is going to help me” the less secure we are.  On the other hand, the more I/we focus on Who He is, the more secure and peaceful all of life becomes.