Tax Exempt Status

We are so pleased to let you know that One More Church has received our official Tax Exempt letter from the IRS.  Any donations given directly to One More Church are now officially tax exempt – you will  receive a tax-deductible contribution receipt at the end of each year – and that includes all donations retroactive back to our beginning in January of 2022.  

If you have been giving through the online portal or by check to Village Bible Church, you are invited to give directly to One More Church from this point on.  You can do that by donating here on our website by clicking on the URL below and going directly to our Contribution page:

or by writing a check to One More Church and mailing it to:

One More Church

955 Monteray Rd.

Greenwood, IN  46143

We are so grateful to Village Bible Church in Greenwood, Indiana for partnering with us to receive tax-deductible donations in 2022 as we waited for IRS recognition of our tax-exempt status!

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