Great Open House Weekend for NorthWest Bible Church in Lebanon, Indiana!

Churches can start in lots of different ways…in lots of different places. In the past, we’ve started churches in schools, homes, union halls, little theaters, cafeterias, houses in the middle of orchards, and funeral homes!

This weekend, for NorthWest Bible Church in Lebanon, Indiana, we had a weekend of Open Houses to get things rolling. We wanted to give people a chance to come, enjoy a cup of coffee, and have a simple and unhurried chance to hear our vision for the new church, and to ask any and all questions.

Our first Open House was Friday night, March 18th, at the Witham YMCA, We knew it was going to be a small, intimate group, so instead of choosing to meet in the larger gymnasium, we chose the nursery! There were kids toys, play equipment, and little tables and chairs. You’d think that might be awkward, but it was actually a very friendly and laid-back and colorful environment! Lots of great discussion.

Our second Open House was today, We rented the Lebanon Senior Services Club, and invited people to come for an evening meeting, or anytime during the day, again for casual and relaxed discussions and questions. We got here about 9:30 this morning, and it’s been non-stop ever since. As I’m writing this, we are close to the start of our evening meeting, and are just so happy with the 18-20 people we have been able to connect with so far this weekend!

I know you may get tired of us saying this…but this truly is so much fun!!!! Coffee and cookies, anyone?


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