February 27th – Saying Goodbye to Village Bible Church

February 27th will be our last Sunday at Village!

It’s impossible to describe the mix of emotions we are experiencing as we leave our church home of almost 10 years. The friends we’ve made. The laughter and tears and prayers we’ve shared. The way the Lord has grown us in Him, and the indescribable joy of watching others grow, too.

Village has called a young, vibrant, Pastor and his wife – who seriously love the Lord Jesus, and love to teach and preach His Word. We couldn’t be happier with Village’s choice of Pastor Travis Burkett, and his wife, Tesslyn – to love and minister to the people who have meant so much to us at Village.

We plan to be back at Village often to share stories of the Pastors and churches we meet as we work with One More Church.

We desire your prayers! Follow us here on One More Church, and please pray for the people you see and the churches you hear about!

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