March 20th Update

Our last Sunday at Southside Bible Church was on March 11th.   And, as you probably know, our plan has been to start a church in Estero, Florida – we have worked getting that all put together for the last couple of months.  But, after our last short trip down to Florida last week we were able to learn of some other strong new ministries recently launched and in the pre-launch stage in that very same area.   Because of that, we have come to the conclusion that  planting a church in Estero would not be the most productive move for us right now.

But at the same time we know that the LORD would have us plant a church somewhere…or maybe even help out a struggling church somewhere…. so we are actively researching other options, and have decided not to sell our house or leave Greenwood at this time. There is a wonderful sense of peace and anticipation at what the LORD will want us to do next.

You can still follow our progress at here on OneMoreChurch.   And both of us have new e-mail addresses:      mine:     and Ken’s:   (had to make them similar so we could hopefully remember!)

We’ll keep you updated!

We are….In His service, and Grateful to Bear His name 

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